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Public Shame is the Best Remedy…Or is it?

Read the Editorial and Reeves article and view the TedTalk . Then, answer the following questions and post your answer to the Discussion Board. Your answer should be approximately 200 words, achieving graduate-school quality standards.Provide your own insightful analysis, informed opinions, reasoned arguments.

You are required to conduct some research and cite a scholarly journal in your answer (either providing a direct quote or paraphrasing something from that scholarly source and citing it correctly). In this exercise, ONLY scholarly journal articles accessible from the Troy Library Databases are permitted. No websites, books, book summaries or editorials.

Should you fail to use and properly cite a scholarly source in this exercise, you will fail the assignment.


Is public shame the best remedy? Sure, we have the right to free speech but only to a degree. The notorious example is the prohibition to falsely yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. If the standard is harm, then is this type of speech harming or devaluing the significance of these medals? What is the right punishment, if any, for this behavior? Is the attempt at shaming teen pregnancy different? Why or why not? What does Ms. Lewinsky contribute to the topic? Justify your answer. And, if you don’t know Monica, you are too young. 🙂 This is an instance in which you can just google to find out.