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Provide a brief overview of a key sustainable development challenge (such as SDG 1: no poverty, SDG2: no hunger, etc.).

This is an individual assignment (3,000 words) that will provide a brief overview of a key sustainable development challenge (such as SDG 1: no poverty, SDG2: no hunger, etc.). The report will be based on desktop research where students are required to: Requirement 1: identify and define within theory one sustainable development challenge and its implications for a business and find representative cases to elaborate and contextualise the challenge within a particular industry at the national and global levels; Requirement 2: identify all the affected parties (stakeholders) by providing a brief description of why the key stakeholder group(s) are affected, how (consequences for each stakeholder group) and also what their responsibilities are (types of obligations) for the particular challenge; Requirement 3: present a review of the existing collaborative policies and solutions for the chosen SDG by employing SDG 17: the development of social partnerships with stakeholders; use your moral imagination to think creatively and develop suggestions on how a company should act proactively in developing collaborative policies and solutions. Students are required to use three examples of companies that dealt with the challenge previously by referring to the policies and solutions they have implemented. The criteria for the assignment are: a/ demonstrate an in depth theoretical and empirical understanding of a SDG goal in addition to SDG 17; b/ demonstrate the ability to identify multiple links between stakeholders and a business, c/ demonstrate the ability to think proactively and propose innovative solutions to anticipated problems. In addition to the above the three generic UoK categorical marking criteria will be considered: a/ Reading & Knowledge, b/ Understanding, analysis and argument and c/ Organisation and presentation as per usual. An individual report (3,000 words) will provide an assessment of a sustainable development challenge, as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in order to identify the existing and future collaborative policies and solutions to address it.