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Programming Decisions

You are a regional professional theater company manager trying to set your season for the coming year. Choose and order four shows for a subscription season with the option of one special* providing an explanation for your decision. List the 5 shows at the top of your page and then write a 2 page (double spaced) rationale for why you selected the season you did. Be sure to reference how you used the below information and past financial performance to plan your season. 100 Points

*A season special is a show that can be added on to a subscription series but it not a mandatory part of the season. This is used for shows that might not appeal to everyone but would appeal to some who would add it on to their season subscription.


Subscription Renewal Rate: 60%, Below the Industry Standard of 75%

Market Information: Mid-size, mid-western community; strong on family values; relatively affluent and well-educated.

Key Segments: Older population on fixed income; growth in young families; University crowd is nearby.

Competition: Community theater presenting popular titles; summer musicals on tour in the city; there is a very well established and popular Childrens theater.

Media Position: Declining coverage in your town.

Mission: To foster the growth and development of high quality theater with strong educational values that responds to the needs of the community and encourages the continuing development of theater artists.