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Prepare an opinion writing letter in health policy.

This assignment asks you to demonstrate your leadership in the field of healthcare by taking a stand on an issue of importance to you. Leaders are known as persuasive and effective communicators. Try your hand at effective and persuasive writing by preparing and sending a letter to your state or federal representative or senator.
Choose a single policy from one of these three policy categories:
1. Access to Health Care 2. Healthcare Workforce 3. Environmental Health
The Public Health Action, or PHACT, campaign gives you the tools you need to talk to members of Congress about the importance of health issues. Review this resource before writing your letter. campaign?utm_medium=email&utm_source=phact&utm_campaign=phact2016useyourvoice&utm_conte nt=phactpage
Grading Tips
1. Focus on a discrete issue within your assigned policy category
2. Make a list of the points you want to include before you start writing
3. Write concisely and with a purpose
4. Get your ideas across by using specific and powerful words a valuable skill
5. Be clear about what you want your elected official to do
and also i need sample cover page to