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Prepare an exploratory study on the uses of Hologram technology in the educational theater

This study aims to identify hologram imaging technology as one of the modern techniques that are based on the use of three-dimensional images and their embodiment on the stage of the educational stage of education in Egypt and the possibility of benefiting from its applications in creating interactive virtual environments that help to achieve the educational and educational goals of the educational theater In Egyptian schools, which deals with directly related topics related to curricula and their treatment, the study also aims to identify the possibility of applying this technology and the degree of readiness of school theaters to implement these techniques, and the study also aims to find Of learning outcomes expected from the use of technology in the school hologram theater as to help achieve the educational goals offers and enhances the benefit of theater objectives in the education sector.Key words: hologram technology – virtual environments – educational theater.Research objectives:1) Learn about the hologram technology (its origin, development, and applications in education).2) Knowing the previous studies in which educational experiments were conducted using the hologram technique.3) Learn how the hologram technique can be used in educational theater performances in Egyptian schools.4) Learn about the possibility of applying this technology in Egyptian schools and the expected obstacles.5) Drawing a suggested concept for using the hologram as a modern technology and making use of it in educational theater performances in Egypt.