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Prepare an essay paper on Justice from a Feminist Perspective.

Topic: Justice from a Feminist Perspective

*Please note Canvas uses VeriCite software to check for plagiarized content. All outside sources should be fully documented in your paper and the Works Cited list. All information beyond quotations should be in your own words and writing voice.

All requirements for this paper must be fulfilled to receive a passing score so read this assignment carefully and thoroughly. Print it out as well.


Paper must FOCUS on the assigned class readings

Must be 1200+ words and each paragraph is 5-8 sentences minimum, 12 point font, double-spaced with your name, class, and a title. (Works Cited list and quotations do NOT apply to word count)

Total articles: 4 (2 assigned class readings plus 2 outside sources)
Total quotations: 4 (one from each source)
NO encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Sparknotes, or very short sources may be used on Works Cited list; Always use the reading titles in your KEYWORD search first on Google, etc.

This paper will be a critical analysis of the concept of justice or the lack of justice from a feminist perspective. Feminist can translate loosely as a women-centered perspective, that is, seeing the world from a female perspective in a male-dominated society. Both men and women can write from a feminist perspective! You can expand your discussion to include race, class, and sexual preference in your paper as long as you relate it to the assigned readings.

Choose TWO articles from the required readings assigned below and, using the assigned article you choose below, write a detailed discussion about what justice from a feminist perspective means to you and also how it is understood by other scholars from a feminist perspective, based on your outside research sources. Be sure to do a focused critical analysis of how justice can be understood in the context of the assigned article you choose to write about.

Your paper must be grounded by a clear thesis statement and it MUST BE A DETAILED DISCUSSION OF THE ASSIGNED READINGS BELOW. Do NOT write a paper that does NOT focus on the assigned readings from this class.

Article Choices:

Read Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley
Read “The Damnation of Women” by W.E.B. Du Bois
Read The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin

**”Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid can be used as a 3rd class-assigned source, but not as one of the main two. You still need TWO additional outside RESEARCH sources if you use “Girl” as a third source.

You MUST double-space your papers with 12 point font ONLY. Times New Roman or Courier fonts preferred.