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Prepare aLiterary Analysis the book: TALE OF TWO CITIES-: Choose one character (Alexander Manette), and explain how he is “recalled to life” over the course of the book.


British Literature, Academic Literary-Present tense required.
Quotes from the text needed.
The book Tale of Two Cities: — Considering the character Alexander Manette, explain how he is “recalled to life” over the course of the book.
(defining what “recalled to life” – to be incorporated in the book…. (if an outside source used- please include in the MLA , works cited)
(My basic main points i’m thinking I’d like– would be;
1.- when Lucy Manette- his daughter finds him through Mr. Lorry at the Defarge’s wine place…… (a physical and internal awakening…) ;

2.also of course when he returns to France to fight to rescue his son in law Charles Darney (Evermonde)– (he rises and becomes now who eeryone depends on– and here we see his past horror gives him tremendous power and strength–;

3.and in the end — he’s recalled to life again– although its but a brief glimpse- but the reader knows that after Sidney Carton gives his life and Charles is safe in England– Alexander Manette returns to his former saneness (as in not quite as strong as he was in France – but regained his ability to be sane and helpful etc— once he’s returned to London and is safe again with his family… (and son in law, Charles, has been saved.)

this is about all I have–

the professor says to:
avoid PLOT summary.
looking for interesting sentences–
a good opener, opening hook, and intro–
as well as — and strong closer, clincher