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Prepare a World-class presentation on a business-related topic for the Global Intelligence Consulting Group annual Leading for the Future conference.

Virtual Presentation w/voice & written narrative (100 points)Context: The Global Intelligence Consulting Group has hired you to prepare a World-classpresentation on a business-related topic for its annual Leading for the Future conference.Executives of Fortune 1000 companies plan to attend the virtual event.Task (In-class/out of class assignment): Research a business topic of interest to you.Identify the purpose of your presentation and conduct original research. Leverage higherlevel thinking skills to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize available data to support yourpremise(s). Create a PowerPoint presentation with a audio and full-written narrative (script)for the event. Business-related topics may include employee engagement, employeewellness, work/life balance, leadership, change management, social media, marketing, teambuilding, team conflict, and so on. (CLO 2.1, CLO 2.3, 6.1)Format: Utilize scholarly journals or popular business magazines to support yourassertions. Include in-text citations and a reference page in the PowerPoint slides and theSP2020 BUS356APage 6 of 17Word document. Submit both the PowerPoint presentation and written narrative using .pptand .docx format. The virtual presentation is limited to four (4) minutes maximum. Thewritten narrative (script) must align with the virtual presentation. If your narration does notalign with the script points will be lost. Upload assignment to Blackboard.