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police brutality in the U.S against minority

I. Cover Page-The cover page should have the title of the paper, the date and your name.
II. Introduction- The first page should provide an introduction to the topic to include a
description of what it is, as well as some brief information about the topic. This page
should begin pagination.(numbering the pages )
III. The following pages should contain a review of the literature and information you
researched to learn more about the topic.
IV. The next phase is to analyze the information that was gathered on the topic.
V. The final phase is to make some conclusions about the studied topic.
VI. Footnotes-The first time a work is mentioned in a footnote, the entry should be in complete
form; that is, it should include the authors full name, the title and the page number(s).
For example:
Arthur C. Kirsch, Drydens Heroic Drama (Princeton, N.J. : University Press, 1964),
p. 15.
VII. When references of the same work follow each other; even if separated, the abbreviation
to use is the following:
VII. The bibliography lists the sources used in the writing of the paper. An example is
the following:
Wool, Leonard. Beginning Again. London: Hogarth Press, 1964.