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3. Project: Writing Assignment: A writing assignment topic will be given the first week of the course. The writing assignment will consist of 5 full pages in length. It must be Times New Roman font, 12-point font, and double-spaced (APA Style). The writing assignment will not be accepted late/after due date. Attached below is a rubric, which will be used to grade your presentation You will be assigned a chapter/topic in the beginning of the semester. The objective is to review that chapter/topic in your textbook as well as outside sources (MDC library,google scholar, peer reviewed articles, etc.) to complete your research. You can discuss theories, theorists, psychologists, and anything that pertains to your assigned chapter/topic. Further instructions will be given in class.

Write a scholarly paper that discusses the following: 1. Discuss theory that is discussed in your topic 2. Discuss purpose of theory that is discussed in your topic 3. Identify and define the chosen topic a. Discuss the use (if applicable) b. The attributes c. Provide data (percentages, statistical information) do not include charts and graphs 4. Provide an example of the significance of the topic to psychology 5. Include a minimum of one reference 6. APA format is required (see the template on blackboard)