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Peer ovulation

Watch a presentation (release on 16th April 6pm Sydney time) + read theory PPTs and evaluate it by answering Questions Given. For this 1000 words, need to follow the ”Kantianism TEAM A file template”. analyse the case first, and write out the case description n compare it with presentation n see what they have missed.

500 Words Case analyse (Can start now)
On the last page need to write your analysis about the Case.
MUST : Follow the structure from the HD sample of this 500 words section + applying the theory from the PPT.
para 1&2 case description , para 3 decision maker etx. Check it out

1500 words are filled into this template: Peer evaluation pro forma answer sheet
Will provide the presentation link later (on on 16th April 6pm Sydney time)

Step 1: Login
Will give access after hired (Remind me if not)

Aim: Fill in the ”Peer evaluation pro forma answer sheet.docx” at 1000 + 500 Words (2 sections) by consulting the HD sample ” HD Sample Peer evaluation” . (Do not copy, both are doing different case).
HD Sample included: The file ” HD Case Study Questions (just have a look dont need to do) ”, Answer => ” HD Sample Peer evaulation ” . (Have a read via will do, dont need to do)

Step 2:
Both files are above The Case of the Plant Relocation which is what u need to read for this assessment.
Have a read through => the PPT MSR Lecture 05 STUDENT, P.12 format for the 500 words case analysis

watch all presentation and choose 1 that is easy to analyse
Will provide presentation link later

Step 3: Open the ”Peer evaluation pro forma answer sheet.docx” . As u can see from the HD sample, the first 3 pages are about answering questions after watching the presentation u chosen. Then at the p.4 , which is a blank page. U need to write the Case Answer Summary shown in the HD sample (do not exact copy, theyare different topic).

Step 4: If u get 80% or above, will rehire you for this assessment. There are 2 more next week and the week after.

If any info missing, you may find it here or ask me. Login access already provided.