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parenting styles and their influence

My topic is parenting styles and their influence. The following instructions are about an outline(rough draft) however i want the essay to be the Final draft and the complete will need to have a minimum of six (6) body paragraphs. To get full credit, please also include citations for the ideas you plan to present. You must include at least two citations for the information in each body paragraph so that your information is synthesized instead of simply regurgitated.To get started, please set up your paper to be in MLAor APA format. Remember that APA is for science-based topics and that you must choose MLA for all other topics because there are so many styles.To score maximum points on your outline, you need to have a main idea sentence for each paragraph and a minimum of 3 ideas (keywords or phrases) to support your main idea sentence.Please follow the rubric:1. Quality of Research:Student thoroughly researched topic and showed synthesis of ideas by supplying more than one source to support main ideas consistently.Works Cited has five or more quality and peer-reviewed sourcesAll sources are properly cited within the text.2.Demonstration of understanding of the content and elaboration:Student demonstrated complete understanding of the topic and used scientific or academic terminology properly and effectively.3.Creative Approach:Student exhibits an original, resourceful, and novel approach to presentation of topic; paper is creatively and clearly written.4.OrganizationThe paper had an effective introduction, and conclusion with thoroughly developed body paragraphs and transitions to connect ideas and provide flow5.Mechanics and UsageSentence structure is correct, sentences varied, and writing provided good flow. Punctuation and capitalization are almost perfect.