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Operations Management Case Study

Operations Management (MAN 6511) – Case Study Assignment
Your case study will consider the content, both quantitative and qualitative, in MAN 6511
and, more specifically, in the text by Krajewski, Ritzman, and Malhotra. You are required to
select a company, identify problems inside this company, and apply the knowledge learned in
this course to solve these problems. Specifically, your case study should cover the following
(1) Introduction on the case about the company or organization.
(2) Present at least three problems or issues existing with this organization.
(3) Describe what concepts, theory, methods, or models from MAN6511 course you use to
solve these problems.
(4) Present how to apply (3) to solve the problem(s) in (2).
(5) List major outcomes or findings
(6) Provide conclusions and your recommendations
Here are specific Q&A about the requirements:
1. What is the total number of pages for the paper?
The minimum number of pages for this paper is fifteen. There is no maximum number of
pages limit. One paper could have fifteen pages in a theme park, and another could have
twenty pages in a commercial bank. It is expected you will cover the topic adequately for a
paper that counts twenty percent, as indicated in the syllabus, of your total semester’s grade
in a Master’s course.
Please refer to the rubric of this paper to see the point allocation of each portion. For
example, you might write four pages for a portion that weights forty points, and one page for
a portion that weights ten points.
2. Can I use some portion from my previous papers from other classes and put into this
MAN6511 portfolio paper?
Please use APA style when you want to cite your previous class papers appropriately. For
example, if you want to copy a sentence or a paragraph from your previous class papers,
please follow the APA style by double quoting and citing the page numbers as well.
3. Is there any specific requirement on what company I can choose?
You can choose any real-world company. You can also use ABC to represent the
companys name if there is any restriction to indicate the companys name in your paper.

The format requirements for case study
(1) double spaced, 12 pt, New Times Romans
(2) 1 inch for four sides
(3) has a cover page
(4) APA style for all references and citations
(5) insert tables and figures in the text
(6) number all pages
You can use any computer software (Excel, POM etc) to assist your analysis.