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One of the biggest issues that Asia is facing is an ageing population.Outline the structure of analysis.

Ageing population
The course named business in Asia topic: One of the biggest issues that Asia is facing is an ageing population. Some Asian countries are already having to deal with this problem, while others could face significant challenges with regards to their economic growth in the near future. write introduction and body introduction include : 1.Aims, purpose, and the scope of the essay identified 2. Outlines the structure of analysis 3.Foreshadows the key arguments body include Defines key terms Addresses the key issues raised in the essay question Key arguments foreshadowed in the introduction are critically analysed Academic/non-academic literature used to support arguments Use of real-life examples to further support arguments presented Demonstrate consistent critical analysis (i.e. not summative or descriptive writing) no conclusion or anything about the solution or overcome, just analyse the phenomenon and mention the theory like economic growth theory? )