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Nursing theory guided practice

Use the full depth and breadth of literature resources to substantiate your paper (minimum 5 scholarly) and cite all references. 2
Elements of the concept paper:

1.) Describe a personal nursing care situation through
the lens of any nursing theory framework 1
2.)What are the assumptions about humans, health, and the essence of nursing as described in the framework that guide nursing practice and how do they relate to your own? (Should be consistent with your stated philosophy if not, state why not, what has changed?) 3
3.)What are the essential values that guide your
practice, and how does the framework reflect these? 2
4.) What is the goal of nursing according to the framework? 1
5.) What does the framework guide you to focus on in working with clients/people? 1
6.) Identify several elements of the case that can be connected to and describe with concepts from the theory. What does the theory say about these phenomena? 3
7.) How do you recognize the elements of the case as described? What is the evidence? 2
8.) Given the case as described, how does the chosen framework guide your practice? 1
9.) Describe how the framework guides practice with regard to at least 2 different concepts.
10.) Describe the outcomes of care and how these would be evaluated in accord with the guiding framework. Include how the theorists present research impacts outcomes. 1