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Assignment 2.1: Disease Research Assignment/Select Your Disease or Condition & Summarize Five Sources
Assignment Overview:
This assignment requires you to search in the literature (i.e., peer-reviewed articles) and online (i.e., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Mayo Clinic websites) in order to select a disease or condition you would like to study for the duration of this course. After you have selected your topic, you will select five evidence-based resources to summarize for this assignment. This information will provide you with the tools to get started on all of the Disease Research-related Assignments in the course, with the first being Discussion Board 2.1 in which you will share basic information about your topic with your classmates.

In public health, the questions asked often include the following aspects:

WHAT is the health issue or topic? (i.e., condition or disease or issue)
WHY is it important?
WHO does the health issue affect? People/population/problem (What are the characteristics of the population?
Comparisons (What is the alternative to the intervention? How is this health issue addressed? What measures are in place to PREVENT worsening of the health issue?)
Outcomes (What are the relevant outcomes of this health issue? (i.e., morbidity, death, complications)
HOW will your proposed solution make a difference?
A template is included for this assignment and will guide your work. Keep in mind, as with all written work, you must read, synthesize and then share the information in YOUR OWN WORDS. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from the internet, or include large chunks of text in quotation marks. Your Unicheck index will serve as a guide for you so that you can ensure you have not plagiarized. If you have questions about what is considered plagiarism, please refer to:

UTA Libraries Plagiarism (Links to an external site.)
UTA Libraries Acknowledging Sources (Links to an external site.)
UTA Office of Student Conduct (Links to an external site.)
In this course, if your work is plagiarized, you will receive a zero on the assignment and will be referred to the UTA Office of Student Conduct. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Assignment Instructions:

1. Assessing Sources
Begin the process of gathering your sources by first searching for your topic in Google Scholar or using databases available through the UTA Libraries such as PubMed. Locate and record citations to articles, books and documents that may contain useful information and ideas on your topic. Briefly examine and review the actual items, selecting your final sources. Then read the article or review the website and summarize the author’s main points. Be sure you pay special attention to how this particular source fits into the larger, ongoing public health conversation about the topic. Make sure your source is evidenced-based. For example, a personal blog may include evidence-based information, but may also include personal opinion.In that case, you would need to go to the source of the evidence-based information and make sure that is reliable prior to including that information in your summary. NOTE: For this assignment, you will not use video resources.

2. Download the Assignment Template
Download the template below and save to your computer as a MSWord document only. From here you will be able to create your summaries, providing you with the necessary information for both this assignment and Discussion Board 2.1.

HEED 4312 Assignment 2.1 Template

NOTE: For this assignment, you are required to type DIRECTLY INTO THE ASSIGNMENT 2.1 TEMPLATE. Pay close attention to the grading rubric below as there is a significant deduction for not following these instructions.

3. Summarize Five Sources
Choose and review five sources relevant to your disease topic and complete the review matrix in the template below. Summarize the key information and scope of the article or website. You will include information for each source that is between 250-400 words, summarizing the central theme and scope of the article or website, along with the most relevant information. The summary must be written in your own words. A sample summary and citation is included in the attached template.

Submission Instructions:

When your summaries are complete (and you have proofread for errors and checked your plagiarism index!), post the completed template to the Black Board assignment portal in a single MSWord document.