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Novel and Promising Ways To Treat Cancer or Stem Cell Technologies

In this project, you will explore new ways of treating cancer OR look at how stem cell technologies are being used and how they will allow us to solve problems that could not be solved previously. The goal of this writing sample is to expose you to new/novel ways to treat cancer OR how stem cell technology is being used to treat patients and advance research. In addition, you will describe the pros and cons of the new cancer treatments or stem cell application and research. You will need to choose either new cancer treatment OR stem cell technology for this project, ideally selecting a topic that has some significance to you. Perhaps you know someone who has cancer or someone who has a disease that has no cure yet. Feel free not to choose cancer if it is too close to you.
Essential Questions:
How will new/novel treatment in cancer help reduce side effects and increase the cure rate?
How will stem cell technology help patients with disease and advance scientific research?
You can complete this project with an essay. Your project must include all of the information below in the essay guidance.
Your essay must be clear, logical in structure and answers the question posed in the title.
You must have supporting EVIDENCE in the form of data, statistics, and/or quotes from reliable sources.
Opening Paragraph
Make a claim about the answer to the essential question that you have chosen.
Present up to three reasons for your claim and whether the issue/problem is local and/or global by providing multiple forms of evidence from differing sources. (Be sure to include proper in-text APA citations.)
Body Paragraph(s)
Present reason(s) that supports your claim.
What cancer cells or stem cells are.
The past and current knowledge of the subject matter.
Written description of current cancer treatments or stem cell use.
Provide a complete, correct explanation of the science behind your chosen reason.
Evaluate the strengths and limitations/pros and cons of the solution of new technology to treat cancer or using stem cell to do research or treat patients.
Explain how scientists and people think about the new cancer treatment or using stem cells for research or to treat patients. One of these factors: ethical, social, economic, political, cultural, environmental, moral should be discussed.
Support your claim by providing multiple forms of evidence (data/statistics/quotes) from differing sources. (Be sure to include proper in-text APA citations.)
A relevant picture or diagram can be included which helps to explain the science.
Be sure to include proper in-text APA image citation.
Closing Paragraph
Conclusion that summarizes what you have said and is a final evaluation of your arguments.
Proposes a course of action that should be taken on cancer treatment or stem cell technologies.

General Requirements (when your project is graded these are the things that your teacher will be looking for:)
A clear, logical structure, which answers the question.
A complete and accurate explanation of how science is used to address cancer in the past and today.
Well chosen, reliable sources which are fully referenced using including in text references.
Above all, your teacher is looking for EVIDENCE! You should have 3 sources of information to support the claim/reason in each paragraph.
700-1200 words excluding bibliography and in-text references.
Bibliography using APA format.
You need at least 3 types of sources and 5-7 different SCIENTIFIC or EDUCATIONAL sources in total.
Include your word count at the end of the essay.