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Case Study Final Paper The final paper of our case study (the writing tasks you’ve been working on this entire semester!) is where you collect all notes you’ve worked on from previous assignments and reconstruct into a polished case study paper to showcase your understanding of strategic management, your critical thinking skills, as well as your business writing skills. The paper should include A brief introduction of your case study; Problem identification based on external/internal/stakeholder analysis; Proposed strategic solutions, comparison and recommendation of a chosen strategy; Action plan to implement the strategy; Reflection. Formatting requirements: No word count requirement, as long as you feel your argument is sufficiently presented; Double space, font size 11pt or 12pt; Use section headings for each of the five sections, you can also use another level of headings to further structure your paper; Title the paper, the title page is optional, table of contents is optional; Have page numbers inserted at the bottom centre of each page. For those of you who have received high grades in previous assignments, please note that this does not automatically translate into a high grade on the final paper. Instead of simply copy-paste your previous work together, try to start from outlining this final paper, then insert contents that you’ve researched on. Make sure your arguments logically follow, take away contents that are unnecessary for your strategy arguments, and expand on areas you feel more clarification is needed. If you have received extensive comments on your previous submissions, please try to use these comments as guidelines for your revision.