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Negotiation across Cultures Lets Break a Deal.

1) Brief Case Questions:
a. What information should Michael have possessed before his meeting with
b. Why is Norio acting somewhat evasive with his responses?
c. What could Michael have done better in the second meeting to continue the
business relationship?
2) How did the differences between Japans and the United States national cultural values
affect the interaction between Norio and Michael?
3) Both individuals in this scenario were acting in alignment with their cultural norms and
a. Who should have the primary responsibility for changing their interaction style?
b. When is it necessary to refuse to change ones business style?
4) Apply the concepts of Integrative Negotiation to this scenario. How would these concepts help both parties reach to an agreement?
5) How would a business negotiator from Saudi Arabia have handled the meetings with Norio, if she/he were in same situation like Michaels?