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Myth or Reality.

A working title for this paper would be, Mid Life: Myth or Reality. You are to research this topic and decide if you believe this is a prevalent event in our society. Is a mid life crisis a common occurrence, or is it rare? When does it occur and what are likely triggers? Also, try to give real life examples. Think critically, and apply this to either your personal experiences or to the world in general. You must also describe what a mid life crisis is, and give the current research on the topic. You should also address gender differences. Feel free to run with this assignment, and take it in your own special direction, but be sure to cover the required components. Please remember to cite throughout your paper! The paper should be Times New Roman (or Arial), double-spaced in 12 point font, and one inch margins on the sides, top, and bottom. All of these are APA requirements. You do not need to use a running head, but if you know how that would be great! You should also have an APA title page, and reference page. APA title page examples can be found in the link provided below, as well as reference page examples. I have also included info on how to cite on the reference page below. APA reference pages should be alphabetized by first author last names. Source Requirements: Locating articles can be accomplished by using the library facilities at a Butler campus (El Dorado, Andover or Rose Hill) or by using the online databases. The Butler Online LibraryLinks to an external site. can be accessed by clicking the Library Resources link in the course menu to the left. Go directly to the articles and databasesLinks to an external site. (ebsco is my favorite). The Butler Lib Guide on Developmental Psychology.would be another place where you could start your search. You will probably have to enter your Pipeline user name and password. For this assignment, you do not have to use professional journals, however, using at least one is a very good idea. You always want reliable, valid sources. However, for this assignment, you may use Layman sources. This includes magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. You must be sure to use fact based websites and should avoid false news sites. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for a research paper and should not be used. Nor is infowars, or the onion factual sources. I am sad I have to list these, because it seems obvious these are not reliable sources, but unfortunately I do. In addition, dictionaries and are great ways to define something, and you should give the source credit, but dictionary sources do not count towards your 4 source minimum. You must have at least 4 acceptable sources. You may also use an interview as a source. You may use multiple interviews if you wish, and the interviewee has some experience with the topic, but only one can count towards your 4 source minimum.