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Muhammad and Islam

This research paper is to serve as the capstone of the course. It will draw from materials that you discovered through your own research, as well as materials we considered over the course of the semester pertaining to Muhammad. The research paper should offer critical analysis and assessment of the your selected topic related to Muhammad. In developing the sections of the research paper, you should collect enough material to answer the following questions, weaving answers into your work:
1. What is the specific nature and significance of the selected topic? What is the historical background and who or what persons, parties, organizations, etc., were / are involved? Why is this topic of interest or important to explore?
2. How has this topic been approached by scholars in the past? What perspective were they arguing from, and what were their conclusions? Summarize the overarching message of their work. How do they contribute to or detract from serious scholarship?
3. Citing the course readings and your research for guidance, what is your assessment of the current academic consensus with regard to your topic? What more could or needs to be done?
4. Citing the course readings and your research for guidance, how do you feel your work might contribute to the academic dialogue on your topic?