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Microbial growth – doubling time and growth rates

this experiment is regarding Microbial growth – doubling time and growth rates. i am going to send to you 4 files . the first file is the lesson power point . the second is the method and third file is the result of pictures. Fourth file is a student risk assessment . First of all I’m explaining the lesson power point , in the first slid is a title . the second slides is showing you how to write this experiment kindly just follow each bullet points to write the answer for each of them . slide 3 to 23 are a general information you can have look . in slides 24 is telling you how to put a plot in a graph , mean and calculating in Excel please just follow the procedure and it is telling what do you do please do what it is telling you . kindly ignore slide 25 to 27 . in slide 28 it is a table of Growth rates of E. coli in batch cultures under different aeration conditions at 37 oC. .in the second file name Microbial growth curve – there is a background kindly read through . There is a method kindly just copy paste the method there is not a word count as well . Under the background just scroll down there is a graph picture and when you will plot the result into the graphs it must be exactly the same example as a graph picture when it is already showing you . as you can see in the graph picture is showing you Lage phase , Exponential Groth phase , stationary phase and Death phase . In that 4 things you need to talk about in your graph result and explain what are they .There are 2 pictures the both of them have different results that result you use for a plot in a graph.Last folder is student risk assessment kindly just fill up the table .Note : results OD measurements of E. coli growing in shaking flasks or standing flasks. You need to plot graphs and calculate growth rates.