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Mentoring and Coaching

Introduction ( Use this header): describes what the memo is going to be about; it mentions the upcoming sections.Section 2- Pre-Coaching Plan ( Use this header): Answer these questions:o What are your goals for this session? How will you know if you are successful?o What skills will you use?o How will you go about doing this?o What questions will you ask?Section 3- Facts of the Coaching Session ( Use this header):In this section, report the facts of the coaching session.Section 4- Successes & Challenges ( Use this header):In this section answer– What went well and what did not?Section 5- Lessons I Learned ( Use this header):In this section answer— What did you learn about coaching from this session?Section 6- Improvement Areas ( Use this header):In this section, answer— What would you do differently next time?Section 7- References ( Use this header): has at least 5 peer-reviewed/scholarly references from the databases within the CyberLibrary. The references are also integrated within the paper.Special Cases in CoachingAssignment OverviewClosure and ReviewBackground• What did the coachee learn?• How will the coachee deal with people and situations differently?• What priorities have been set and what still needs to be accomplished?One outcome of this session is to come to a mutual decision of whether to terminate the coaching relationship or continue to work together on a new coaching issue. (Continue on with emphasis on leadership) Drawing on the background reading for this and the previous modules, you willEach module will follow this cycle: Plan, execute, report.• Before the coaching session, write up a plan using course readings or additional research as a resource (1-2 pages).• Then meet with the coachee and use your plan as a guide for the session.• The bulk of the report is on how it went: successes and failures. What would you do differently next time? (3 to 5 pages).ReflectionReport on the session.Provide a narrative descriptive summary of the conversation as it occurred (1 or 2 paragraphs).How do you feel the session went?Analyze the process and outcomes of your coaching.What new knowledge did yougain?What would you do differently next time?Case AssignmentConduct your final coaching session as described above and write it up as detailed in the keys to the assignment and the assignment expectations.***IF YOU NEED ANY OF THIS INFORMATION FOR THE PAPER ****Coaching Feedback FormWhat have I learned during the coaching period? (think broadly)1. Neutralize toxic people/ bad influences2. Managing conflict when making decisionsWhat specifically have I achieved or am I doing differently as a result of this coaching (review goals here)3. Engagement and Interaction with other people and organizations4. Decision–making capacity has improvedWhat are my top 3 goals and dreams right now? (personal and work)5. Promotion to Sergeant6. Move into management/ supervisor7. Move into a larger homeWhat are my top priorities as I understand them?8. Becoming more emotionally intelligent9. Learn to deal with difficult people10. Communicate and work with othersWhat limiting beliefs have I let go of (e.g. about myself, my job, others)