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Mental Health. Power Point Presentation

Proposed project paper Instructions 1. This is a proposal for a community health project in which you will choose a community, preferably the community where you live or the one used for the windshield survey and demographic assignments. 2. You will not actually implement the project but submit a proposal that is detailed enough for anyone to implement. 3. You are required to interact with your instructor in your journals to discuss your ideas for the proposal and how you plan to implement it. See journal requirements under assignments. 4. It will consist of a PowerPoint using TechSmith Relay. Complete the PowerPoint first then use the information provided in the following link to use the TechSmith Relay format to record the presentation. You will upload this presentation to two sites: the assignment tab to receive your grade for the presentation and the discussion board to allow everyone to view their peers. a. Tech Smith Relay Instructions can be found under About This Course with a demonstration video and written instructions i. Video instructions: ii. Written instructions: 5. Elements of APA format to focus on for this proposed project presentation are the following: a. When a reference is used, cite within the power point b. Last slide reference as per APA format i. Alphabetical order ii. Correct format for refences iii. Indent lines after the first li