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maternal and child health in during Libya war on 2014 .

this is a global health module. basicaly you need to do a literature review, of how war in libya in 2014 or even the one before, affected the maternal and child health. put good references from books i will upload some references for you as well. when you write do a good structure and focus on this points of evaluation that the teacher gave to me. 1.Evidence of wide reading good use of journals, data sets and evidence . 2.Clear and well-structured individual plan of work 3.Clear understanding of the role of different actors in the global agenda and their role location 4.Clear identification of the trends and levels of the chosen public health problem and their link with the socio-economic context 5.Clear identification of the key aspects of the problem identified and ability to raise relevant questions 6.Logical progression of topic area criticality displayed and good use of argument to produce a valid, cogent, balance argument 7.Good use of visual aid to support the case 8.Clear reflective summary and conclusion you need to do a good research, always in mind this is a public health matter, and the module is global health as we are talking about a war and how is affect maternal and child health as well as reproductive maternal health. seach data on world health organization, and good resouces in general.