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Marketing Topic: Marketing Plan about Boeing airlines.

It must consider what strategies and activities the company’s sales and marketing team should undertaken (online and offline) throughout the year.
Key areas the client would like to see considered:
Organisational buyer behaviour, particularly considering the needs of potential customers at the information search and evaluation of alternatives stages
Relationship marketing, specifically building relationships with potential customers (pre-trade show) and new customers (post-trade show)
Appropriate sales management strategies
IMC and effective branding across the activities

1. Content/feasibility/strategic thinking: 40%
Coverage and understanding of the key areas, appropriate structure, ideas in
line with current/previous marketing strategies of the company,
realistic/manageable in terms of the industry and company. Evidence of
joined-up, logical, strategic thinking between the pre-, during- and post-strategies.

2. Application of theory to justify activities, (Org. buying behaviour, relationship
marketing, IMC/branding and sales management): 40%
Correct identification and application of relevant theory to support strategies
and tactics suggested. Critical evaluation needed to access higher marks.

3. Depth of research (inc. APA usage): 10%
Considering the quality, depth and breadth of the research, looking for a good
balance between industry information (databases, company info, environmental
info), and academic research (journal articles, textbooks), accuracy of APA
formatting. Avoiding unsuitable/poor quality resources e.g. Wikipedia,
Marketing91, Tutor4U, QuickMBA etc.

4. Presentation/professionalism: 10%
Considering professional appearance of the work, appropriate language and
layout, neatness, readability, use of report format (headings, subheadings,
contents page) etc.