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Marketing-Customer Interview Insights

This is a sequel to a paper where we had to develop a document to highlight an issue in the company, zoom in on a few customer segments and develop questions (the initial document and the feedback on it will be sent). The main feedback was that the questions I had were more geared toward the company than understanding customer issues ( These two documents should only be used as a background to understand the 2nd document|)I have actually written the 2nd document, which is about the customer insights, but it needs much more structuring, insights and focus, and it also needs rewrites.The document also requires 4 exhibits ( 2 on each page at the end of the document). Everything is explained in the attached instructions documents (1-2) I will need the exhibits to be done and not just copied from another source.In addition, I have highlighted in the document ( in red, what is missing, or what needs to be added) and in yellow ( the instructions for each section)There are a few reading that need to be referenced (available at the instructional documents and the Reference section in the document at the end) but 2 more references should be added