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Literature Review

Write a literature review on 7-10 sources that address one of the following topics:o Romanticism in one of the assigned works, such as Rip Van Winkleo Literary realism in one of the assigned works, such as Daisy Millero Literary naturalism in one of the assigned works, such as “The Open Boat”o Patterns of interpretations of one of one of the assigned works over the last ten yearso Romanticism and the American abolitionist movemento The legacy or influence of Romanticism in contemporary American cinemao Romanticism in rock-n-roll musico The legacy or influence of Romanticism in Postmodernismo Romantic theories of languageo Romanticism and scienceo Romanticism and cognitive scienceo Romanticism, feeling, and embodied cognitiono Romanticism and modern psychologyo The relationship between literary realism and literary naturalismo Darwin’s theory of evolution and literary naturalismYour essay should also have the following features:o A sentence that encapsulates your comment on the sources you have reviewed;o Unified and coherent development of your comment;o Clarity with respect to audience and purpose—consider your reader to be a student unfamiliar with topic and not in our class;o Effective organization of paragraphs, with each body paragraph having a topic sentence that indicates the topic of the sentence and relationship to your general comment;o Standard Edited English (no slang, colloquialisms, or jargon); ando Observance of MLA stylistic conventions, including formatting, signal phrases, in-text citations, and Works Cited page.o 750-1,000 words