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Life developmental stage: late adolescence

Topic: Life Developmental Stage: Late Adolescence
Paper: INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PAPERS – 6-10 page paper to be submitted thru the assignment page. Standard MLA style will be expected for the paper with a title page, which is not included in the page limits. Paper Style: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion – things to include in the paper – define the topic, history of topic, identify certain attributes, causes, identify onset times and all factors of onset, certain populations (general or specific), impacts on individuals, family and society, key characteristics of the stage, problems and critical issues of this developmental stage, any and all factors that allow this developmental stae to change for the coming generations. (100% of grade). Must use Development Through Life, A Psychosocial Approach, 13th edition by Newman as one of the five references.

Grading: Total of 100 points – Content of the paper (20 Points), Style and Formatting of the paper (20 Points), Subheadings (20 points), Works Sited [minimum of 5 sources with one being the Textbook] (20 points), Proper Length of paper (20 points)