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Leadership Through Curricular Reform in Music Education

Main Document
Double-spaced, 12-point font with 1-inch margins, with pages numbered.
No more than 12 pages in length (approximately 3,500 words).
No reference to authors name or current institution (allowing for blind review)
Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed., endnotes version)
Must be grounded in the professional literature. Citations and references to previous work required.
Music scores, figure, photographs, and illustrations checked for accuracy and documentation of permission to use copyrighted materials
Tables placed at the end of the document
Photographs accompanied by a short caption and photo credit information
Digital/media content supplementing the article welcomed.
Maximum of 25 GB storage
Audio files limited to 10 MB. MP3 files required
Videos limited to 75 GB, AVI and MP4 formats required
This paper should be 8-12 pages (not counting abstract, title page, or cover letter) using Chicago Manual Style (16th ed., endnotes version) with a minimum of six resources. Give a short review of the literature you researched and then discuss how that particular issue has bearing on the field of music education and curriculum reform. Explain how it impacted your own curriculum design. Include at least one paragraph about advocating for music education. Tie this paragraph into your research. Write thoughtfully and carefully.
The journal articles you read must be a minimum of four pages. The copyright dates may not be older than five years. Write in a scholarly manner being careful of grammar and spelling. Include bibliographic information for the articles that you read. You must use at least three different journals and an electronic version of each article reviewed is required.
TIP: The September 2013 issue of the Music Educators Journal has some excellent and pertinent articles dealing with at least three of the subject areas listed above.