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-This is an advice letter to a client. – OSCOLA referencing needs to be used in the footnotes – The question and scenario I have put down below Hari pharmaceuticals is a multinational corporation and invests heavily in research and development. Ram is a biomedical engineer employed by Hari pharma, and he works in Hatfield in the research and development department. Hari pharmas high-profile diseases team work on a number of medicinal products addressing a wide range of conditions affecting large populations in the world, including HIV-AIDS. Ram is assigned to this team and is working on HIV-AIDS and Malaria. While on holiday in South Africa, he comes across a newspaper article on the extent of HIV-AIDS epidemic in the region and it has occupied him since. He becomes a member of Kill AIDS- Not People campaign on whose online forum he has been brainstorming various ideas including chemical formulae related to this invention. He works on his ideas during his spare time, often working in his home computer creating simulations of active compounds. In November 2019, Ram produces a new active compound that would successfully stop and reverse the spread of the HIV-AIDS virus. Haris high-profile diseases team patented a vaccine against Malaria in January 2020. This vaccine comprises of a combination of two novel gases A and B inhaled twice every day. In April 2020, they receive word that Shank Pharma is about to file a patent for a cholera vaccine comprising of gases A and B inhaled twice every day. Write an advice letter to your client, Hari Pharmaceuticals, regarding the scenario above. Advice Hari Pharma as to whether they can obtain a patent for Rams invention, and whether they would be the owner of the patent. Advice Hari Pharma whether they will be able to take an infringement claim against Shank Pharma.