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Language and Literacy Web/

For this part of your Course Project you will create a curriculum web for teaching and experiencing language in your age group and program.

Step 1: You can draw a web, scan and upload the document, or create one using a word processing program or Power Point.

Step 2: Use both words, and images to indicate where and how students will be exposed to language in your age group/program. Include curriculum/activity areas for your age group and facility; such as blocks, art, science, manipulatives, dramatic play, writing (if applicable), and library, outdoors, sensory and any additional areas, as needed.

For each activity area include the following: provide ideas, photos, and descriptions of what you can include to enhance expressive and receptive language development specific to your age group. This could be by using language strategies, conversation, and open-ended questions in conjunction with visuals, books, audio, and play-based activities/materials.

Based on your readings for this week, write a 2 page essay describing and supporting teacher-directed and peer-related communication practices in the classroom. Address the following:
How will educators elicit expressive language from students?
How will educators facilitate conversations and feedback loops between adults and students and student peers?