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Kingdon: Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies

Assignment: Kingdon: Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies Agenda building is often the first step in your policy practice tasks. Building a solid agenda may well determine the success of the development of a policy proposal and may also determine your success in placing an issue in front of a decision maker. For this Assignment, you evaluate the accuracy of the Kingdon model of policymaking. To prepare: Review Chapter 6 in your text, paying special attention to the section entitled “Three Challenges in Agenda Building.” Submit a paper evaluating the accuracy of the Kingdon model in policymaking. Address the following: Discuss the three streams Kingdon has identified where problems originate, and provide your opinion on which one most accurately reflects how and why policies come about. Discuss the assertion that certain kinds of issues receive preferential treatment in problem solution and political streams. Discuss tactics that policy practitioners use within each of the three streams to increase the odds that a specific issue will be placed on decision agendas. Make sure that your assertions are supported by appropriate research and reputable resources. Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an effective policy advocate: From policy practice to social justice. (8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Series. Chapter 6, “Committing to an Issue: Building Agendas” (pp. 176-203)