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Japan and South Korea fighting over Dokdo

1. You MUST have a clearly and narrowly defined research question. You are free to choose any research question as long as it is related to the course subjects. I suggest you develop a research question in a literal question form. For instance, what led North Korea to develop nuclear weapons? Do arms races lead to conflicts? Does economic development lead to democracy? What causes interstate conflicts? Does economic condition affect elections?
2. In the introduction, you introduce the research question and describe why the question is meaningful and/or interesting.
3. At the beginning of the body, you provide background information. If it is a case study or analytical paper, you provide historical information so that the reader can understand the background. If it is a theoretical paper, you provide a literature review on the subject.
4. In the main body of the paper, you provide your answer to the research question. You MUST provide evidence to back up your argument/answer to the research question. Supporting evidence can be other scholars research findings, documented record, and/or statistical analysis results.
5. In the conclusion, you summarize what you did in the paper and discuss implications of your study.