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IT-Web Design (UX and Interaction Design

Draft 2:
For this assignment, you will submit 2 to 3 UX deliverables that aid in your explanation of what your final product will be. Those deliverables could include but are not limited to, wireframes, sketches, mock-ups, press releases, user flows, etc.

This is the time where you take your raw thoughts and put them in “paper” for others to understand. Please note that at this point I am not expecting 100% finished products (in fact, I would anticipate changes between what you present for this assignment and your final product), and for sure I would not expect any interactivity on your UX deliverables.

The assignment is due on Thursday, March 26th by 6:00 pm. Please be aware that this assignment will require peer review, as well as my review. In doing your peer review, please offer helpful and constructive feedback to your “colleagues”, as the goal is to help others improve their final product.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, I wish you all the best of luck on this assignment and look forward to your submissions.

Draft 3:

For this assignment, you will test your product with the actual user you get to select. Depending on what usability testing methodology (ie, Surveys, Observation, In-depth Interviews, Focus Group, etc) you intend to use, I would recommend talking to no more than five (5) users.

As part of this assignment you will submit:

1. Your hypothesis (what you think your users will think about your product, including strengths and shortcomings or roadblocks)

2. Your testing plan (how you will test, who you will test with, what you will test, etc.)

3. Your test results (notes from your test)

4. Your analysis resulting from the test

5. Your iteration plan for improving your product, based on user feedback

Your deliverable for this assignment should be presented in the form of a PPT or PDF, it should include all the items listed above and when referencing problem parts of your product you need to work on, illustrate with a screenshot of the problem and state the solution you envision.

As a reminder, this assignment is 20% of your course grade, so the more detail you provide in your user testing deliverables, the better you will do. Needless to say, user testing is a key part of the UX Process as it grounds design concepts down to real-world use cases (how users actually use a product, what they expect and the reason why they would or would not use the product).

draft 4:

Hi all,

We have come to the end of the course and you have now gone through the full cycle of UX Design. What this means is that you are now ready to finalize and submit your product.

For this submission, you should have your product coded and either uploaded to a free hosting server or compressed (the directory with all your files should be included in the compressed file) for submission through Canvas. Either way, your pages should be coded and all pages should be linked so the user (myself and your peers) can navigate through it and understand its full functionality.

Please note that, as I have said before, you can use dummy content and complex functionality does not need to be coded (ie. logic, algorithms, data/feed integrations, etc). The important thing for you to demonstrate through your project is that you fully understand the UX cycle, that you have diligently gone through that cycle with your project, and that you have tested and iterated on it.

As part of this assignment, you will also submit one page write up as to your experience taking your product from ideation thru to “go-to-market” (final submission). In this write up please:

(1) walk us thru the process you followed (detail the steps you went thru)

(2) talk about any roadblocks you encountered and how you overcame them

(3) share what you learned along the process

(4) explain what you would do differently going forward (lessons learned)

So, you will deliver/submit the following:

1) the URL to your website or the compressed directory with all your website files

2) your write up (one page, single-spaced and font no larger than Arial 12pt)

As a reminder, your final submission is 30% of your course grade, so the more detail you provide, the better you will do. Additionally, please note that I have reserved a small number of extra points I will be able to award for exceptional work. So, going the “extra” mile will certainly earn you a boost on your final grade, beyond the 20% of the final submission.