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ISCI 2001 Portfolio #4 Earth Elementary Activities

ISCI PortfoliosFor the portfolio you are responsible for finding or generating a set of activities that correlate with the topic of Earth that would be appropriate for elementary students. You will have a total of two activities for each topic, one activity/write-up for a K-2 grade level and another activity/write-up for a 3-5 grade level.Each activity will need to include detailed instructions on how to perform all necessary steps and what questions/assessments students will address. The activity should also be linked to a Georgia Performance Standard (GPS) for science. The standards can be found at the following location: will also need to write a brief paragraph for each activity explaining/justifying why the activity meets the chosen standard, why it is appropriate for the grade level and how it will facilitate students’ understanding of the topic.The activities should be neatly organized and in the following order, K-2 then 3-5 for each topic.I have an attached a sample of how the Portfolio should be formatted and look like. The file is called Scientific Method Elementary Activity Example, please follow the EXACT format for this portfolio. I have also attached the Georgia Standards for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, & 5th Grade to this file, please ONLY use the Georgia Standards from the files attached to this order for this assignment. PLEASE DO EVERYTHING NEATLY, PROPERLY, CORRECTLY, ACCURATELY, AND EFFECTIVELY. I want this assignment to be a HIGH QUALITY A+ ASSIGNMENT. Thank you.