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Is Everyone Really Equal?

Read Chapter 5 of Is Everyone Really Equal.Then choose ONE of the following choices to complete as a way to share your knowledge and insights.Here are your choices:Comic Strip: Draw an original comic strip that highlights a key concept from the chapter.Poetry/spoken word/rap: Write an original poem/rap or spoken word piece that responds to the issues in the chapter.Movie/TV episode: Capture a clip from a movie or TV episode that illustrates one of the key points in the chapter. Respond to the clip accordingly. Meaning, is the clip exemplifying the oppressive aspects in society or is it an example of someone fighting oppressive systems? Respond in kind in your blog.Open category: You choose how you want to bring the concepts in the chapter to your reader’s attention in a provocative way.Remember that after each choice you must write three paragraphs explaining the following1. Essential Concepts: Explain how your choice illustrates AT LEAST THREE key concepts in the chapter. Use your artifact if you will as a springboard to talk about the key concepts and how the world would be different if these issues were addressed.2. Relation to Self and Other: What insights or realizations did you have about yourself and others reading the chapter? This may include insights about your own perceptions, biases, prejudices, historical knowledge, family of origin, social or emotional intelligence–or that of another.3. Link to Family/close friend relationships. How could you interact compassionately with family members or close friends who are less educated about these topics and teach them how to be less prejudice without offending them? How do we invite people we know well into these courageous conversations?