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“Is Christian mission necessary in the midst of religiously pluralistic society?”

ICS 305: Global ChristianityResearch Paper GuidelinesIntroduction1. Clearly state your research question and thesis. Research question is a question you ask at the beginning of the research. The question you are asking is completely up to you. Think about what makes you curious about the topic. For example, if you are writing about religious pluralism, you may ask “is Christian mission necessary in the midst of religiously pluralistic society?” Other examples could be “what is the significance of women in the history of mission?” or “should Christians contextualize the gospel or not?” or “did religious persecution strengthen Christians faith throughout history?” or “is the theory of holistic missions valid or outdated?” You get the idea—you basically have free reign as long as it’s a question that enables you to make an argument.2. Give background information about the topic. For example, what does the Bible say about religious pluralism? Historically, how was religious pluralism significant?Body1. Literature Review: Review secondary sources. Find out what other scholars are saying about the topic. For example, what are some differing viewpoints regarding religious pluralism according to authors X, Y, and Z? What do they say about the history/theology of the topic? This is where you collect evidence for your “research question.”2. Analysis of your viewpoint: This is where you write YOUR answer to your research question based on your evidence found in secondary sources. Analyze various sources and PROVE to me why you have chosen your answer. For example, you are arguing that although we live in the midst of religiously pluralistic society, we must pursue Christian mission—in this section you should give me reasons A, B, C, etc. to support your claim.Conclusion1. Restate and summarize your thesis and research question.2. Clearly state how what you’ve learned may be applied in our church/society/lives (this portion will help you prepare for the presentation assignment).