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Is cheating a crime?

Is cheating a crime? If it is not a crime, is it the same as criminal behavior? If you steal someones car it is theft. If you steal someones words, what is it? This discussion is not new but technology has made it easy for students, or anyone, to easily find and use someone elses work. Is cheating in college widespread? What can or should colleges do about it?
Believe it or these questions and a much more detailed discussion about cheating in college has been occurring at CTC and other colleges. Most students dont believe professors know about websites like Course Hero, where it is possible to get all kinds of information on classes, assignments, and answers to test questions. Most students also believe that copying and pasting work from others cant be detected. This may be because they have be able to get away with it in the past. It is precisely that thinking and just being lazy that gets students caught.
The question I put to all of you for your research paper is, what should be done about all of this? What should happen to students who cheat? Look at the act of cheating while considering the concepts we learn in this class about crime, social control, criminological theory, and deterrence. Tell me how all of these things are related or similar and provide some proposed solutions.