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Investigating the broader adoption of virtual clinical trials in undeveloped countries

A primary goal I have is to originate or expand on a business model for the broader adoption of virtual clinical trials in developing countries.My preference is to research South Africa, although it has some developed aspects to it, it is still classified as an undeveloped African country.When thinking of the research approach, consider operational strategies, barriers (cultural, technological, systems and processes). The paper should have a strong business focus within the clinical trial delivery setting.The attached document (also listed below), has more considerations for your reference.1. Clinical trials are becoming more virtual with the power of developing technologies.2. Consider trials are moving away from conventional trial conduct in a clinical setting to a more patient-centric approach, connecting with patients and trial investigators via phones, tablets, and the internet.3. Examine operational strategies and business implications for the broader adoption of virtual clinical trials4. Consider the strategies for engaging global regulatory authorities on virtual trial conduct.5. Analise how cross-functional teams impact this method of delivering virtual clinical trials.6. The role ‘efficiency improvement initiatives’ play within clinical operations, including oversight of SOPs and implementation of risk evaluation and mitigation processes for virtual clinical studies.7. What do the ecosystem that decentralizes conduct of clinical trial assessments and activities beyond the investigator site (sample collection, study drug management, and distribution, study kit management, device data collection, etc) look like and its role within virtual clinical trial conduct?8. Consider the role of eClinical solutions technology in virtual clinical trials.9. Study design and protocol10. The impact on the quality of trials and the business operational risks involved.11. Consider the role/impact of proof-point generation for virtual trials12. Consider barriers to the uptake (Westernized versus Africanised)