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Investigate how cultures have mixed, changed, and influenced each other and the results.

In this Assignment, you will be role-playing as a student. You are taking a college course that has the goal of teaching students about the cross-cultural influences in global cultures. The university wants students to investigate how cultures have mixed, changed, and influenced each other and the results. For this Assignment, you will pretend that you are making an appeal to the administration to allow your class to visit either Brazil or India. There is fictional grant money available for certain class activities, and the money must be spent by the end of the year. This would solve the administrations need to spend the budgeted funds, but you must persuade the administration that your trip would be a valuable use of that money. Your goal is to persuade the administration to fund your class trip. You may put together a presentation in either PowerPoint of Word. The presentation must be between 600750 words and include at least two outside sources that are cited in APA style. First, decide if you will be encouraging a trip to either India or Brazil. You will need to conduct research on the country you select, including activities for tourists to do, popular trends in travel to this country, common sights for visitors, and the cultural influences and history. You will highlight at least three activities that students can participate in while in your selected country. Since students should be learning about cross-cultural influences in either India or Brazil, you will want to feature activities that highlight these elements in your trip. Aim to make the tour plausible. While there will be interesting opportunities all over the country, you should select three activities that can also be reached with ease. For example, you may have two activities in one city and make the third a day trip to a location that can be reached by bus or train. Be persuasive. Demonstrate for the administration how this would be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to communicate the Course Outcome. Since the money could be spend elsewhere, it is important to stress the importance of learning about cross-cultural influences firsthand. Encourage the administration by emphasizing both the entertainment and educational aspects of your trip. Think about what you would like to know as a potential tourist to either India or Brazil, and how you can make this relate to the fictional classs course objective. There is a template in Course Documents that you can follow for organizational tips. Remember to cite sources in APA style, as this college-level writing skill will impress the administrators considering your trip. Have fun with the Assignment and feel free to use images, narratives, and additional research.