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Interpersonal competence in service leadership

Part A: How far do you think the attribute (interpersonal competence) is important to effective service leadership

How far do you think the attribute (interpersonal competences ) is valid? Give theoretical and research support for your position (around 500 words).
First, state your opinions on this principle (e.g., your agreement or disagreement with reasons). In other words, students are required to answer the question whether you agree that your chosen attribute (interpersonal competence) is important to leadership effectiveness. Then, present theoretical and research support for your position with reference to this attribute.

Part B: Potential dark sides (or limitations/weakness) of the attribute(interpersonal competence) (around 500 words)

Students are required to focus on ONE chosen attribute. (interpersonal competences) For example, is there any dark side of the chosen attribute? Is it easy to apply it in real life? Can it adequately ensure effective leadership? The attribute under discussion should be the same as part A (around 500 words).
First, point out some limitations of the chosen attribute (interpersonal competences) in a leadership context. Then, support your perspectives with theoretical views, research evidence, or personal experience.

Part C: Self-reflection on the attribute (around 500 words)
Do you think you are a person with interpersonal competence? Give evidence (e.g., personal assessment, specific incidents, etc.) to support your answer (around 500 words).
Provide evidence to support your arguments. You can find evidence in personal assessment covered in the lectures or specific incidents in daily life to support your arguments.