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1. Topic: You are to research an idea /innovation / invention /discovery from beginning to end and argue this topic deserves a place among the top ideas /innovations / inventions /discoveries.

2. The essay is a combination of informative, analytical and argumentative strategies, but the main thrust must be defining how this invention has improved our world, society, or so forth. You are not writing a report. We will go over what this kind of essay looks like in class.

3. Research supports (in the general sense) the points raised in the essay, but the argument is ultimately the authors.

4. All standards of college-level grammar and MLA style are observed.

5. Your research essays should be at least 5-7 pages a minimum of 4 complete pages in length (not counting the Works Cited page) and incorporate at least 5 sources. These sources do not all have to be scholarly or peer-reviewed because of your specific topics, but they should be credible, meaning have an author or be from a recognized organization. The final drafts of your essays, as with all other work, should be professional in appearance: typed, double-spaced, titled, and with numbered pages.