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Research Project Template GE 2023
The final paper must include the following elements, so use this as a checklist:
___ Cover page including, title, students name, course name, section number, instructors
name. (OK, in MLA style, there is no cover page. MLA students know what to do.)
___ Abstract of 100-150 words, including purpose of study, method, and main findings.
___ Introduction, about one page long.
___ Literature Review ranging from 3-5 pages, or more, depending.
___ Method, at least 1 page in length, including purpose of study, study population and sample,
procedure, and ethical implications of your research project and design. This section may be
considerably longer for some students.
___ Results, at least 4 pages in length, plus charts/graphs/tables, including data, analysis, and
explanation. That is, graphics etc. dont count as written text, but supplement it.
___ Discussion, at least 4 pages, including purpose, key findings, comparison against literature,
limitations, and recommendations. You may use all or some of these as subheadings, to help you
organize your paper.
___ Conclusion, about one page long, may be longer.
___ References page(s) including properly formatted reference citations for 10-15 credible
sources, with at least eight sources from peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
___ You might have an Appendix (or two) if you have additional information that does not fit
into the body proper.
You can do your own tally, but the paper (minus cover page, abstract, and references) will run
roughly 13 pages long. The text in red is the meat of the paper. All told, your final paper will be
approximately 15 typed pages/5200 words of text in 12-point Times New Roman, doublespaced, and with 1-inch margins on all sides.