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International Marketing Plan for Next plc

Follow the instructions, please. Includes all contents.
The brand I chose is Next plc which is the UK originated brand and it has public information about financial and marketing actions online you can use. And it is easy to find its competitors. For implementing the plan, the country I chose is China, Next plc had lots of stores worldwide, except China. Hong Kong and Taiwan have stores but not China mainland. China is a large market to enter and implement physical stores. The environment analysis should have macro and micro. The macro-environment analysis should evaluate China by using PESTLE. And SWOT or for internal. Choose 2-3 competitors of Next plc. Using Competitive Profile Matrix(CPM) for competitor analysis an make sure read the instructions carefully and includes all things. Using Harvard style references and the 3-year plan should be concrete and meet the requirement from the instructions. The plan should include International Marketing Mix analysis and have a budget maybe. Should have actions and activities need to implement for each year and who is responsible for each action. And the time cost for each task as well. This assessment is from my class international marketing which is a master (PGT)course so that please use and apply some theories in these areas.