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Institutional Corrections: Past, Present and Future

Teachers instructions “In preparing to write this paper, I want you to think about all the things that have been discussed throughout the semester…what is/was the original intent for jails and prisons, how did the “purpose” change in America’s early history, who were the reformers and what reforms were made, how has politics affected jails and prisons, how did two world wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars change incarceration, what happened with rehabilitation and “Nothing Works”, what are the economic impacts of jails and prisons, what changes have been made in the 21st century.

The focus of this paper is to discuss what has gone on in the history of our system of confinement…is the reason for our system of confinement a result of politicians and judges, or is it because of public opinion…what are the pros and cons of the current system…and where you think the future of Institutional Corrections lies. In the beginning of this course I stated “we always look to the past to move forward”. Think about the papers that you have written and the online assignments…all are sources of information that will allow you to complete this project.”