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Inmate Discipline

Students will write one critical research paper that will be submitted to SafeAssign no later than April 27, 2020. The selected topic for research shall be approved by seventh week of class. Topics can be selected from textbook or other scholarly sources that involve concepts regarding legal issues within the correctional culture, challenges in correctional management, or current issues affecting constitutional rights of prisoners. Some examples include Prison Rape Elimination Act, Religious Freedom, Inmate Discipline, Civil lawsuits against correctional staff, etc. You can also select another legal issue within correctional culture, but it must be approved.
Your final papers may take about 2 weeks to review/grade
Written Papers shall include the following:
Cover Sheet: Name, Date, Title of Course, and Professors name in upper left margin. Title of Paper shall be centered at the top.
Paper Content: Research shall be presented in APA style with Calibri or Arial format and 12 font and one-inch margins.
There shall be a minimum of 5 pages doubled-spaced with page numbers at the bottom center of each page.
The research paper shall be submitted as a Microsoft Word document
Bibliography page: Cite all referenced sources.
Students may receive up to 100 points for content of research, format, and grammar