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Information systems and Technology

IT SecurityUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:Understand the importance of establishing a health care organization-wide security program.Identify significant threats — internal, external, intentional, and unintentional — to the security of health care information.Give examples of administrative, physical, and technical security safeguards currently in use by health care organizations.Discuss the impact and the risks of using wireless networks and allowing remote access to health information, and describe ways to minimize the risks.Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:HI580-2: Discuss Health Information technology, including systems architecture, database design, data warehousing.InstructionsConduct a search and identify an information security breach within the last five years. You will now develop an educational presentation to train staff in your organization. You will want to provide an overview of the breach. Provide details on when the breach occurred, who was affected, and any other information pertinent to the breach. Additionally, you will need to provide information on:Where is the data warehoused in the organization? How might this have put the organization at an increased risk of breach?What systems did the organization have in place to protect the information prior to the breach? What was implemented in reaction to the breach?How serious was the breach?Assume that you were appointed as the administrative member of the crisis team created the day the breach was uncovered. After the initial apologies, what recommendations would you make for investigating the root causes for the breach? Outline your suggested investigative steps.How likely do you think future security breaches would be the company did not take steps to resolve underlying group and organizational issues? Why?What role should the administrative leadership the company take in ensuring that the website is secure? Apart from security and HIPAA training for all personnel, what steps can be taken at the organizational level to improve the security of the organization?RequirementsThe Assignment should be a PowerPoint Presentation 10-15 slides in length.Include a title slide and reference slide. Length requirements do not include the title slide, and the reference slide.Follow APA style format and citation guidelines.All sources must be scholarly. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Use APA style for all citations including course materials.Submitting Your WorkSubmit your assignment to the unit Dropbox. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted work.The grading rubric for this Assignment is located in your Course Resources.