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Infectious Diseases Among Arabs

You have already worked on your presentation and have chosen a theme or topic. Using the same theme or topic, please write a research review paper that will elaborate on the topic of your presentation. The paper should be double spaced with a minimum of 10 pages (not including the reference page).

Please structure you paper as if you are submitting a review to a scientific journal. Your paper should have the following:

This will serve as a summary of your topic, why it is important, what the data reveal and why is it relevant. Typically abstracts should not be more than one page.

Background or Introduction
State your topic and why the reader should be interested in it. This is the catchy part where you are going to provide insight on the importance of your topic.

This is the meat of your paper. Your discussion is going to provide the reader with a compelling argument about the topic and your point view. Data, statistics, table should all be included here and should support your argument.

Conclusion or Recommendations
Summarize your findings, and offer any recommendations as relevant to your topic.