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The goal of this research project is to enable you to research a topic you find interesting in child developmental psychology. Having some initial exposure to the field of child developmental psychology write down one or two questions you would like to explore by the end of the course. Presumably, you are interested in at least one aspect of development and have specific questions you would like to explore and evaluate how others have attempted to answer them (e.g., Does bilingualism influence cognitive development? To what extent do environmental factors influence cognitive development? How does attachment affect psychosocial development? What is the type and extent of change that occurs over the course of child development? etc.). These questions, or question, form the composition of your paper topic. Have fun!
Grade: This paper contributes 30% to your overall grade for the class
o To strengthen your ability to critically evaluate scientific research in developmental psychology
o To understand how we can use developmental psychological research to improve the lives of individuals
o To actively interact with various modes of scientific communication: research articles, manuscripts, scholarly reviews, popular media etc.
o To strengthen your ability to compose your thoughts in a written matter that is clear, concise, and adheres to professional and scholarly formats.
The paper must be in APA format, specific only to references, citation of references within body of paper, font size (11 or 12 only), title page and margins. The library contains information on APA format. The paper will be double-spaced. (No abstract or running head required).
It may be helpful to reign in your area of interest by considering the following: 1) What specific life period is of interest to you e.g., conception, infancy, the first three years, middle childhood, adolescence? 2) What specific domain might your area of interest involve: Physical, Cognitive, Psychosocial? 3) What other factors might be of value to your interest: Gender, Identity/including sexual identity, Socioeconomic status, Culture, Ethnicity, Marginalized others?